Who we are

Konzepthouse GmbH i.G. is a formation of three partners. All three partners are coming from a different professional background.

  1. IT Development

  2. Industrial Engineering & Development

  3. Architecture and Media Design Development

  4. High Performance Sport Development (America’s Cup Sailing)

In the past we developed in cooperation with partner software houses solutions (manufacturing, maintenance processing, IP & quality management ) for the automobile & train industry.

Right now we are transferring the knowledge and usability to other industrial branches for example aircraft , shipyard and medicine industry.
As we are deeply involved in sailing (America’s Cup ) and in the sailing and engineering processes, we started to organize professional sailing management (maintenance, manufacturing, quality, IP collecting, synergies) in a new and easy way. Based on our analyses we developed a prototype which was used in the last AC to analyses the benefits generated by LogBook.